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IMPORTANT: Observe copyright laws at all times. 

Video Tutorials:


  • How to upload to MyPlayer including an explanation of the category rules 
  • How to upload from your Mobile Phone: 
  • How to share videos with specific people only. (coming soon)
  • Making retrospective changes to your upload (coming soon)
  • Categories explained (again) (coming soon)
  • How to embed video (coming soon)


What does MyPlayer do?


  •  - MyPlayer is a streaming media server much like YouTube. All staff have the ability to upload video and audio files to it.

  •  - The media can be shared with staff and students, and can be embedded into web pages and the VLE.

  •  - A number of MS Office files can be uploaded alongside your video/audio, including PowerPoint, Word, XL and PDF.

  •  - Staff can upload video and audio from their PC/MAC or from their mobile phones.

  •  - The majority of video file formats can be uploaded to it  – once the server has processed it, you will receive an email letting you know.

  •  - All Apple and PC devices, phones, desktops, and laptops should be able to receive and play content from MyPlayer.


  • The choice of the folder/category you upload your media to, will determine the rules by which it can be viewed and shared - please read these help notes fully to make the correct choice when uploading.


Finding Content


  •  - Use the search facility if you have a key word. Alternatively, click on the category fields on the left hand side of the home page, and navigate. 
  •  - Direct links may be published by the person who uploaded the media.
  •  - Uploading Content
  •  - Currently only University staff have access to upload materials.



Upload Categories: Public, Secure, Staff Only, and Personal


During the upload process you will be asked which category you wish to place it in - take care to choose the right one (though it can be altered retrospectively) Categories are named by Faculty or the area you work in, plus the following:


  •  - Public

  • open to the world to search for and view


  •  - Secure

  • can only be seen by students and staff once they have logged in. Sharing links to videos in this category is the norm.


  •  - Staff Only

  • can only be seen by Staff, once they have logged in, unless the uploader embeds the video in a web page, then it is open to everyone e.g. through the VLE/webpage. The embed code will only be made available to the uploader in the initial 'upload successful' confirmation email sent on completion of upload.


A common mistake made by users is that they put their media in a Staff category - then share the link to the students. Students can not see media placed into Staff categories unless he videos is then embedded into a web page.  Put it in to Secure if you want staff and students to see them once they have logged into MyPlayer. Or, you can use the Personal category, which no one can see unless you give them the link.


  •  - Personal 

  • this category allows users to upload to a private area that no one else can see. This could be useful if you wish to only show in class  - HOWEVER, once your video has been uploaded to your own Personal category, you may set individual videos to be viewable by anyone you wish to give the link to.  This could be if you wish to give video feedback to individual students. It has also been used in this way to share private videos with external assessors.  Before you can share a video that is in your Personal Category you will first need to upload the video to your Personal Category - once MyPlayer has uploaded the video and infomred you that the process is complete you will need to visit MyPlayer,  unlock the security and then share the URL - it takes seconds.  Here's a video to show you how that's done.


Uploading restrictions


The file size limit for uploading to MyPlayer is 2GB – anything larger than this will be rejected, though it may appear to be loading at first.


NB: All video must have an audio track even if it is silent. In other words, if you make a video of still images then a sound track, even if it's a silent one, must be added at the editing stage, otherwise it will not upload to the server.


Uploading Associated Files


During the process of uploading media, you will be given the opportunity to upload an associated file. 

.doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .pdf, .swf, .jpg. gif. Htm. Txt, zip


The upload maximum for this is 10MB. PowerPoint slides with media embedded in them will not work.  




If you have any queries or experience difficulty contact IT Services in the first instance:


Tel: 0845 196 4357